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5 Benefits Of Teaching Kids About Healthy Competition

5 Benefits Of Teaching Kids About Healthy Competition

Date: 10 February, 2019 Author: The Gera School Team

The world is a competitive place, and the sooner your child learns that truth, the more successful they will be as adults. While we like to believe that children don’t compete, it's important to note that they do it all the time! Whether they're competing for your time and attention or trying to win just about any game they play, competition is an inevitable part of growing up. However, competition can easily become unhealthy, wherein the only goal that remains is to beat everyone else.

Healthy competition, on the other hand, focuses more on improving oneself. From instilling discipline to encouraging teamwork, there are many benefits of teaching your kids the importance of healthy competition.

Here are a few compelling benefits of teaching your kids all about healthy competition.

  • 1. They will learn that it is okay to fail:

    Healthy competition isn’t about beating everyone else and coming first. In fact, your children must learn that life is full of ups and downs, and that sometimes we are bound to fail at something we really wanted to do. However, the key is to never give up and start over yet again.

  • 2. Self-improvement becomes the primary goal:

    Teaching your children the benefits of healthy competition entails shifting the focus from being better than everyone else to improving oneself. Being a better version of yourself is the underlying message.

  • 3. Putting a stop to comparisons and unhealthy criticism:

    In the spirit of being competitive, children can easily start criticizing their peers and comparing themselves to others. These practices can be unhealthy, which is why it is important to teach children the virtues of improving themselves rather than putting others down.

  • 4. Instilling the right moral values:

    Healthy competition does not encourage the attitude where winning is more important than everything else. Which is why, when taught these values, children learn that one must not forgo one’s moral responsibilities by cheating or stealing in order to win the race.

  • 5. Building a sense of discipline:

    Another benefit of nurturing the idea of healthy competition in your children is that it helps build a sense of discipline, where working to improve oneself, over a period of time and with rigour, becomes the primary goal.

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